BaguchinskySpookygirlCover001SPOOKYGIRL: PARANORMAL INVESTIGATOR (Dutton Juvenile 2012)

It’s no surprise to Violet that she has inherited her late mother’s ability to see ghosts and communicate with the dead. And Violet is used to dealing with spirits — they won’t leave her alone. But when Violet discovers paranormal activity in the girls’ locker room, she finds herself ill-equipped for handling the school’s ghostly echoes and is caught off-guard by the sudden limits of her powers.

With sharp wit and determination, Violet sets out to uncover the truth behind the school’s haunting, to finish the investigation that led to her mother’s untimely death, and to learn when the only ghost she has ever wanted to see is the one who has eluded her forever.

SPOOKYGIRL: PARANORMAL INVESTIGATOR was awarded the 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award for Young Adult Fiction.

“Packed with ghosts, poltergeists and even a half-vampire, this book provides a fun ride for teens interested in the supernatural.”Kirkus Reviews