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Originally from New York, Jill Baguchinsky currently lives in southwestern Florida with a couple of very strange cats. She’s known for quoting Ghostbusters, Bob’s Burgers and Jurassic Park at inappropriate moments, sneaking off to Disney World when she should be working, and being that person at a party who spends the whole evening befriending the host’s dog.

Jill’s YA contemporary novel, MAMMOTH, will be available November 6 2018 from Turner Publishing. Read Turner’s press release here.

“Nerds and fashionistas alike can rejoice: Natalie is the unapologetically awesome heroine we’ve all been waiting for! Fresh and fun, this story is a love letter to paleontology, a great example of women in STEM, and a victory for anyone who’s ever wanted to change what they see in the mirror. I can’t say it enough: this book is a must-read!” –Sarah Glenn Marsh, author of the Reign of the Fallen series

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Jill’s first novel, SPOOKYGIRL: PARANORMAL INVESTIGATOR, won the 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.