Other Works

All Bitterness Burned Away

Horror short story. A brief fairy tale about cookies and cannibalism. Part of Into the Forest: Tales of the Baba Yaga, a women-in-horror anthology published in November 2022 by Black Spot Books. Find Into the Forest on Amazon and Goodreads.

Green Thumb

(3rd Place Winner, Uncharted Magazine 2021 Summer Sci-Fi & Fantasy Award)

Sci-fi short story. A post-apocalyptic plant mom and her fiercely hyper-vigilant girlfriend try to survive in a feral, infected world. Could hope be hiding in a tiny discovery? // Ken Liu on “Green Thumb”: “I’m no good at keeping plants alive; perhaps that’s why I’m so fascinated by stories featuring plants and the people who connect with them. I love the premise here and the world spun from it.”

All is Well, Friend

Horror short story (audio adaptation). “The house is settling in the cool of the evening, you tell yourself—this cozy old house that cost you next to nothing. It’s settling, that’s all, and that’s why it sings so at night, crooning in creaks and scrapes and those odd, pulsing puffs that sound so very much like something breathing behind your headboard.” Available on the Season Pass version of S18:E15 of the NoSleep Podcast.