Title: Mammoth

Release Date: November 6 2018

Publisher: Turner Publishing

ISBN-13: 978-1684421947 (paperback)

Available Formats: Paperback, hardcover, ebook, audiobook

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CW/TW: Bottom of this page

Bonus Material: A companion story featuring Natalie’s friend Charli, a deleted scene with Natalie and Aunt Judy, and a peek at Natalie’s Fossilista blog.


The summer before her junior year, paleontology geek Natalie Page lands a coveted internship at an Ice Age dig site near Austin. Natalie, who’s also a plus-size fashion blogger, depends on the retro style she developed to shield herself from her former bullies, but vintage dresses and perfect lipstick aren’t compatible with prospecting for fossils in the Texas heat. But nothing is going to dampen Natalie’s spirit — she’s exactly where she wants to be, and she gets to work with her hero, a rock-star paleontologist who hosts the most popular paleo podcast in the world. And then there’s Chase the intern, who’s seriously cute, and Cody, a local boy who’d be even cuter if he were less of a grouch.

It’s a summer that promises to be about more than just mammoths.

Until it isn’t.

When Natalie’s hero turns out to be anything but, and steals the credit for one of her accomplishments, Nat has to unearth the confidence she needs to stand out in a field dominated by dudes. To do this, she’ll have to let her true self shine, even if that means defying all the rules for the sake of a major discovery.

Praise for Mammoth:

“This book brings me back to my teenage years, when I fell in love with paleontology. A fun story told with unapologetic verve, Mammoth reminds us that science must be open to anyone who has the passion and ambition to learn new things about the world. Natalie’s enthusiasm and drive to follow her dreams are a great example for young people considering a career in science.” —Steve Brusatte, paleontologist and bestselling author of The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs

“Nerds and fashionistas alike can rejoice: Natalie is the unapologetically awesome heroine we’ve all been waiting for! Fresh and fun, this story is a love letter to paleontology, a great example of women in STEM, and a victory for anyone who’s ever wanted to change what they see in the mirror. I can’t say it enough: this book is a must-read!” —Sarah Glenn Marsh, author of the Reign of the Fallen series

“There is much to love here: a sweet romance, a determined portrayal of women in STEM fields, an encouraging tale of self-acceptance. Teens with ambition of their own will enjoy watching Natalie blossom.” —Booklist

“Over the course of the story, [Natalie] grows from a young woman who knows how to make the world think she is awesome into someone who knows that she is awesome. With its focus on STEM and self-acceptance, Mammoth will resonate.” —Foreword

“Science, fashion, and romance combine in this adventure with lots of appeal.” —School Library Journal

“Mammoth is one of the best contemporaries of the year. It’s unique, entertaining, awesome, but most importantly: it’s a representative light to the world of YA fiction.” —Kaya Lynch, blogger, A Fictional Bookworm

Jill Baguchinsky with a Columbian mammoth mural inside the dig shelter at the Waco Mammoth National Monument in Texas.

Content/Trigger Warnings for Mammoth:

Despite being a pretty lighthearted story, Mammoth deals with some serious subject matter, including the effects of fatphobia and bullying on self-esteem and the effort it takes to move beyond those and recognize one’s self-worth and inherent awesomeness. If you’re concerned, please read on for specific content warnings:

  • Fatphobia, both external and internalized
  • Bullying (presented as one character’s recollections)
  • One scene of underage drinking (with consequences)
  • One scene of unwanted sexual contact (kissing/touching)
  • Self-harm (one character snaps a hairband on her wrist when anxious)
  • Disordered eating behavior (discomfort when eating in front of others)
  • Use of shapewear by one character
  • One scene of two characters in physical peril
  • Adult language throughout

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